Leaving the University: leaving study or going to another University…

I think my son or daughter might want to leave the University of Sheffield…or might want to go to another university…

TIP: If your son or daughter is considering leaving the University, they should talk to someone in their academic department first. They can help and advise. There may be more suitable alternatives.

Photo: Books on ShelfSometimes leaving home for the first time, coming to a new place, and trying to make a whole new set of friends, doesn’t work out as expected. We know that some students change their mind about studying away from home, or feel that studying at university is not for them after all.

If your son or daughter is thinking about leaving the University they should talk to a member of staff in their academic department (such as their personal tutor), to get advice as to how leaving the university will affect their studies or their funding and whether there is an alternative to leaving – sometimes taking a break from the course is a more suitable option (known as a Leave of Absence). Their department can also advise about other parts of the University who can offer help and support, for example the Counselling Service or the Student Advice Centre. Information about these services is also available from the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD).

TIP: If they decide to leave, your son or daughter will need to fill out a Change of Status form.

If your son or daughter does decide to leave our university – either to transfer to another university or training institution, or to withdraw completely - they should fill out a Change of Status form.


Your son or daughter should fill the form in - their academic department will help with this - then the completed form should be signed and sent on by their academic department to us at the Student Administration Service (SAS). Once approved in SAS, the change is processed on the central computer record system; this includes informing Student Finance England (SFE) (sometimes known as the Student Loans Company), or the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration service, of the withdrawal, if appropriate. In the case of a student who is funded by SFE and transferring to another institution, it is the responsibility of the new institution to inform SFE of your son or daughter’s transfer.

Any fee adjustments will then be calculated by the Fees Office in Registry.

Finally, your son or daughter will be emailed to confirm their student record has been updated. At this stage they will no longer be a student of the University of Sheffield, and within 2 weeks will lose access to their email account and any of the University buildings they might have used when they were a student.