Managing the University car parks

Salary deductions for car parking permits will be suspended from 1 April 2020. Due to the payroll process, this will not be seen until the May payslip. Once government restrictions are lifted and staff can return to working on campus, the first month of parking will not be deducted from salary to compensate for April 2020.

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Parking Services is part of the Estates and Facilities Management Help Desk. These webpages provide information on the University of Sheffield's car parks, policies and management. For more information, get in touch:

EFM Help Desk
Tel: 0114 222 9000

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Parking Services deals with the management of campus car parks as well as general travel options.

Car park location map

Use the map below to find your nearest car park.

Motorcycle location map

Powered two wheel vehicles are able to utilise all Category B parking facilities across the main campus, and the University of Sheffield places no charge for this provision through the issuing of a special ‘M’ permit. Only areas of car parks not accessible, or not large enough, for a car can be used for motorcycle parking.

Premium secure category A motorcycle parking in Regents Court car park is only permitted in areas of the car park not accessible, or large enough for car parking.

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Tel: 0114 222 9000

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