Health & Safety

Download the Department of Philosophy Health and Safety Policy

Please read the University Health and Safety Policy carefully and familiarise yourself with its requirements.

The Departmental Safety Officer is Sally Weston in the Department Office (room B01). There are first aid boxes in rooms B01, B21, C07, C32 and D07.

You should report any matters that affect your health and safety in the Department, including accidents, however minor, to Sally Weston or Rosanna Keefe (Head of Department). Any incidents must be recorded in the accident report book in the Department Office within 24 hours.


The number is 4444, and you should use it to summon help if there is a fire or if you need an ambulance or the police. When you use this number it is vital that you give your name and your exact location.


When you enter a University building, please familiarise yourself with the emergency/fire exits.
If you discover a fire, use the emergency number 4444 (0114 222 4444) to alert security.

Please ensure that you close all windows and doors and leave by the nearest emergency/fire exit. The assembly point is at the top of Victoria Street, outside the ICOSS Building.

Out of Hours Working

The University Code of Practice does not permit undergraduates or taught postgraduates to work in university buildings out of hours. Research postgraduates need to undertake relevant training before out of hours access is permitted. Please see the administrative staff in the department office for details.