Current Postgraduates

Further information for current students is available on the Philosophy Hub. You must be signed in to your University MUSE account to access the Hub.

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Postgraduate Course Modules

What modules are available and in what semester? Find out here.


Postgraduate Research Students

Who are the postgraduate research students in the Department? What do they look like?

Miranda Fricker

What did recent students do?

What theses have been submitted? Who were the supervisors?


Postgraduate Affairs Committee

Who is on the committee that deals with all matters postgraduate? Find out here.


Postgraduate Seminar

Find out about what papers the postgraduates are presenting at their seminar this year.

White Rose Philosophy Postgraduate Forum

This promotes research links among postgraduates at Hull, Leeds, Sheffield, and York, meeting three times a year.


Postgraduate International Students' Society

An organisation providing support for international postgraduates in philosophy

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