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Philosophy in the City (PinC) is an award-winning outreach project, run entirely by student volunteers from the University of Sheffield’s Philosophy department. PinC volunteers go into schools and other institutions to teach philosophy, and to encourage pupils and residents to think critically about philosophical problems and develop their own ideas. They aim to promote opportunities for people of any age or background to engage with Philosophy and to make Philosophy a subject that is of use and value to both the individual and society.

Any student at the University of Sheffield can volunteer with PinC, but some projects require you to have some previous experience of philosophy.

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Introducing the PinC team

Aimee Goldsmith - President

"I am a third year Philosophy student. As the PinC president I oversee all of the projects that we have going on within PinC and the volunteers that are involved in these. I joined PinC as a volunteer in first year, and I was part of the committee in second year, and now in my third year, I am the president. I joined PinC because I wanted to make philosophy more practically useful and more available to people who may enjoy it. It is a great thing to take part in at Uni, and it has shaped my university experience. You learn lots of new valuable skills and it is a very rewarding experience."

Martha Lee-Harris – Vice President

"I'm a 3rd year Philosophy student. PinC is a huge part of why I came to Sheffield. Seeing the students' creativity and enjoyment in our sessions is great fun, and I think that encouraging students to question things is a real force for change."

Deacan Robinson – Recruitment and Outreach

"I'm in my third year studying philosophy and religion. I started volunteering for PinC because I wanted to give a platform to people who have never studied philosophy before to discuss philosophical themes. I was particularly excited about the project in a homeless shelter. Now I am the outreach and recruitment officer, meaning I am responsible for recruiting volunteers and ensuring that they're having the best possible time at PinC, and going out and meeting with potential new projects. PinC has always been a real passion of mine, and I have learned a lot from it."

Natasha Mutungi – Publicity and Social Secretary

"I am Natasha Mutungi and I am a third year in Philosophy. I joined PinC because I saw an opportunity to help it progress. I am looking forward to making the volunteers feel as though they are part of a close knit community. I hope to achieve the goal of the volunteers feeling welcomed and having Stocksbridge school as an ongoing link."

Hannah Dobson - Secretary

"I’m Hannah, a third year Philosophy and Religion student. My role in the committee is secretary, so it's my job to organise meetings, take minutes, and book rooms. As well as holding a committee position I am also the new link for Roundabout, which is our project with homeless young people. Philosophy in the City has given me the opportunity to engage in philosophy outside of my module choices and get new perspectives on philosophical problems. It’s been a great way to gain more confidence and help make philosophy more accessible to a variety of people outside of university."

PinC is a huge part of why I came to Sheffield. Seeing the students' creativity and enjoyment in our sessions is great fun, and I think that encouraging students to question things is a real force for change.

Martha-Lee Harris, Vice President

Anne-Marie Plum - Treasurer and Transport

"Hello I am Anne-Marie Plum. I am a third year history and philosophy student. In PinC I am in charge of ensuring all the taxis are booked for the volunteers and making sure we stick within our budget overall. I decided to join PinC in second year because I enjoy teaching in primary schools and wanted to continue this. I decided to go for the treasurer and transport role because I loved being part of the society and wanted to get more involved."

David MacLachan – Link for Silverdale school

"My name is David MacLachlan, I’m studying for an MA degree in Political Theory, and my main role within PinC is to be the Silverdale Link for 2017/18. I first got involved with PinC at the start of my 3rd year as an undergraduate, volunteering at Silverdale with a L6th class who were just starting to study philosophy for the first time. As time passed I moved to helping an U6th class get to grips with some more complex topics, as well as leading a series of lessons for a Year 3 group at Westbourne Primary School. Being involved with PinC has definitely helped me get to grips with how I process philosophical problems – the advice when writing essays was always to make it simple enough for someone younger than you to understand it, but having to help teach philosophical ideas to a wide range of age groups has emphasised the importance of this, and made it easier to do so. I’ve only been part of the PinC community for a relatively short time but it’s absolutely been worthwhile helping young people with philosophical problems that I’ve struggled with as well, and I’m looking forward to the next year and all the fresh challenges it’ll bring. "

Philip Hope – Link for Westbourne School

"Having studied Philosophy at A-level, I joined PinC and PhilSoc in 2015 as ways of staying involved in the subject while beginning a degree in Chemistry. I have since transitioned to a Law degree where philosophical argument remains highly relevant. I believe the ability to think critically is vital in the modern world, and one of the best ways to develop this is through philosophical discussion. I am the Project Link with Westbourne School; planning lessons, coordinating with volunteers and feeding back to the committee."

Marina Georgiou – Link for Longley

"I study Philosophy, and will be going into my third year this September. I am the link between our volunteers and Longley Park Sixth Form. I timetable our meetings with sixth form students to fit in with their availability, and our volunteers’. My role is also to support and guide our volunteers, particularly those who are new to tutoring or to Philosophy in the City. I have volunteered at Longley for two years now and really enjoy helping sixth form students with their studies, and developing their understanding of the subject however I can. I joined PinC in first year because I wanted to engage with philosophy beyond my university course, and have always enjoyed helping or mentoring students. I have gained more confidence in my ability to teach and facilitate discussion, and am starting to consider a career in teaching."

Visit the Philosophy in the City website for more information.