Philosophy Rocks!

If you are part of the Department of Philosophy, or even related to or a friend of someone who is, and can play music (of any kind, at any level), or like listening to it - then this event is for you! Photo of 3 students playing guitars at Philosophy Rocks

A gathering of musical talent from the Sheffield philosophy department, this is a very informal concert of music of all types, by anyone skillful or brave enough to perform it, in front of an enthusiastic audience of fellow students, staff, family and friends. We also welcome 'spoken word' acts, such as poetry readings.

In its ninth incredible year, the event will be held in Firth Hall on Sunday 1st March 2020, 4.00pm-6.00pm

If you would like to perform, or for any questions about the event, please contact Bob Stern. You can find a way to get together with fellow musicians on the Facebook page.

Photo of singer and piano player performing at Philosophy Rocks 2017

Photo of solo singer with guitar at Philosophy Rocks 2017

Photo of band performing at Philosophy Rocks 2017