Philosophy International Student Society

The International Students Society is a group of postgraduate students who know what it's like to be a foreigner studying in Sheffield.  Our aim is to provide support and advice on integrating with the larger postgraduate community and making the most of the resources available to you in the department.  We run coffee mornings and other social events to get to know all of you, so keep an eye out for our emails. 

We also offer help with essay writing for students whose first language is not English.  Students read drafts and offer advice on language (and other things).  Remember that we're always happy to listen if you're experiencing any problems, so don't hesitate to get in touch! 

Photograph of Giulia CasiniHi, I'm Giulia. I'm from Trieste, Italy. I'm doing a PhD in Philosophy of Language, working on Counterfactuals. I'm also interested in Ontology, particularly on alternatives to possible worlds, and in Logic, as well as Semantics and Linguistics. I know what it is like to study and live in a different country and I'm happy to share my experience and offer my support

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Photo of Jingbo HuHi, I am Jingbo. I am from Guangzhou, China. I am a PhD student working on human agency. In my thesis, I investigate the nature of action and cope with the empirical challenges confronting free agency. I am also interested in general philosophy of science and meta-philosophy. In my spare time, I like reading books on sinology and playing Guqin (a traditional string instrument in China). I am also keen on talking to people from different cultures.

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Photo of Maria Pietrini SanchezHi, I'm Maria. I'm from Mexico. I'm a second-year PhD student working on Ethics, Political Philosophy, and Feminism, with a particular interest on Feminist Bioethics. I like meeting people from different backgrounds and learn from them. I'm happy to share my experiences as an overseas student and to give my support on what's needed.

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Activities for 2017-18

Academic Support (on request)

Presentation skill workshops: We are happy to organise workshops where students rehearse their talks in a safe and friendly environment in order to get feedback from other members before a big presentation. These workshops might be especially useful to non-native English speakers.

Writing workshops: We can also organise workshops to help you improve your writing skills. Other members read your drafts and offer advice on language, presentation styles, etc.

Orientation/Wellbeing Support

We can help you to adapt to your new life in Sheffield by providing advice about issues related to living and getting settled in the UK. We can also help you getting to know the Department of Philosophy and the University of Sheffield in general.
We are happy to listen if you are feeling homesick or need someone to talk about the challenges of being an international student.

Social activities

Welcome Dinner for International Students: This will be our first official get-together of the school year. Alway a popular event. Everybody brings food from their home country, we eat all together, share recipes and we start getting to know each other. (This is what is sometimes called a ‘potluck’.)

Trip to Leeds Christmas Market: We visit Leeds and shop in the Christmas Market.

Christmas Dinner: This is the last meeting of the semester. We have a nice meal all together and exchange Christmas wishes.

Monthly events: On a monthly basis we organise pub nights, meals (brunches, lunches and dinners) and outdoor activities around Sheffield, such as walks in the Peak District and visits to the main Sheffield attractions.
Keep an eye on our emails for our upcoming events!