PHI6009 Global Justice

This module is about what justice requires on a global scale. We will investigate the following questions: is it wrong to spend money on things you don┬┐t need when you could instead use that money to help distant strangers in desperate need? Does inequality between people in the same society matter more than inequality between people living in different societies? Do states have the moral right to control their borders? Is it ever permissible to invade another country to save people from harm - even if you foresee that some innocent people will be unintentionally killed? Do states owe compensation for wrongs - like colonialism and slavery - that occurred generations ago? How should responsibility for addressing global injustices - like the refugee crisis - be divided?


Chris Marshall

This module is also available to undergraduates as PHI350.

If there are three or more postgraduates taking the module, a separate seminar will be scheduled for them.