PHI6016 Cognitive Studies Seminar


Cognitive science is a fascinating, cutting-edge research field in which philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, computer science, and anthropology come together to discover how the mind works. The central hypotheses guiding cognitive science are that the mind is a computing mechanism (a kind of computer, if you will) and that cognition is a computational process. These hypotheses have proven to be extremely fruitful: drawing upon them, a number of scholars have put forward accounts that have significantly increased our understanding of cognitive processes like perception, memory, and reasoning.

This module has three aims. The first is to introduce the student to the fundamental concepts and explanatory strategies in cognitive science. The second is to offer the student the opportunity to explore different areas of cognitive science. To do so, we will have guest lecturers from different departments presenting their current research. The third aim is to give to the student an in-depth knowledge of a particular problem. This year we will focus on the ability to attribute mental states to oneself (introspection) and to other people (Theory of Mind).