PHI 6100 Work Placement

Spring Semester


Ashley Taylor


Instead of attending lectures or seminars, you'll volunteer with an organization from the voluntary sector in Sheffield. This will enable you to gain skills and experience relevant to political theory in an applied setting. You'll write a piece of coursework based on a practical issue that arises in the course of the work placement.

We're launching this module in response to past students' requests that there be an option to add a practical aspect to the MA in Political Theory (although this module will be open to students in the MA in Philosophy and the MA in Cognitive Studies as well). In volunteering with a local organization in the voluntary sector, you  will experience firsthand the practical challenges and problems facing the organization. At the end of the module, it is our intention that you will have:

- the ability to apply ideas from contemporary political theory in rigorously assessing the challenges facing specific local voluntary organizations, and interrogating potential solutions to them

- insight into the practical application of theoretical issues raised in other modules of the MA

- practical experience that will make you a strong candidate for jobs in the charitable sector


You'll write a field report of 1-2,000 words in length, and a philosophical essay of 4-6,000 words in length.

Although not formally assessed, it is a prerequisite of completing the module that you complete 100 hours of work placement in a voluntary sector organization agreed with the module convenor.