PHI6368 Practical Reason

2017-18 Outline:

According to Joseph Raz, reasons are the fundamental unit of normativity.  It is in terms of reasons that we justify all other practical requirements. If this is so, one might want to know:  what are these things called reasons?  How do we know what reasons we have? How reliable is this knowledge?  What mental faculties keep us in touch with our reasons?  Can we understand reasons in terms of more fundamental non-normative entities?  What is the relation between reasons and motivation?  What is the connection between reasons and rational thinking?  This course will look at these questions about the nature of reasons and our connection with them.

Lectures - Spring 2018

Monday 1-3pm - Broad Lane Lecture Theatre 10

This module is also available to undergraduates as PHI368.

If there are three or more postgraduates taking the module, a separate seminar will be scheduled for them.