PHI6590 Feminism


This course will cover key issues that concern feminists, showing that despite the developments pushed for by feminist movements in the last century, there are still problems to be addressed. In considering some of these problems, we will see that 'feminism' does not refer to a single position - rather, there are a range of views held by different feminist thinkers.

The course starts by addressing issues that are familiar as feminist concerns: the structure of the family and the workplace, sexual harassment, abortion. We will then address ideas that might be less familiar - the idea of women's 'different voice' - or have been attended to only in recent decades - issues of feminism and multiculturalism, feminism and science. The second half of the course deals with issues related to the notion of objectification. We will look at feminist critiques of the norms of feminine appearance, and feminist arguments concerning pornography. We will then address directly the notion of objectification: how we should understand the concept, and relating this to the issued raised regarding feminine appearance and pornography. Throughout the course issues of women's autonomy crop up - in the final week, we will look at feminist contributions to understanding of the autonomy and consider 'relational autonomy'.

Preparatory Reading:

Saul, J. (2003) Issues and Arguments (Oxford University Press)

Lectures - Autumn 2017

Monday 12 noon-1pm - Hicks Building Lecture Theatre A
Tuesday 12 noon-1pm - Hicks Building Lecture Theatre A

The module is also available to undergraduates, as PHI324.

If there are three or more postgraduates taking the module, a separate seminar will be scheduled for postgraduates only.