PHI6601-Political Philosophy Research Seminar

2017-18 Outline:

This seminar is intended to develop your skills of close critical reading and discussion of important work in contemporary political and moral philosophy. We will discuss key papers on a number of central topics in contemporary political theory, including Justice & Gender, Anarchism, Ideal & Non-Ideal Theory, Dirty Hands, Collective Action, Voting Rights and more. We've designed the course to avoid overlap with the normative issues most often encountered during undergraduate courses, to give students a good grounding in moral and political philosophy which they may use in their practice or further postgraduate studies, and to relate to practical issues in politics and public policy. Each week we will have (i) a short student presentation (about 10 minutes) designed to give a general overview of the assigned reading, as well as (ii) a brief critical response to the reading (about 3 minutes) from a second student.

Autumn 2017

Tuesday 10am-12 noon - Broad Lane Block Lecture Theatre 8