PHI6603 Moral and Other Values Research Seminar

2017-18 module information

The objectives of this module are

  1. to read and discuss certain key philosophical texts in the domain of value;
  2. to have each student develop a writing project, on which he or she will be evaluated for the course; and
  3. to develop those skills needed for close critical reading of philosophical texts and for writing extended research papers.

The domain of value is so extended both in breath (Moral, Practical, Aesthetic) and in depth (applied, normative, theoretical) that we cannot possibly read even a representative sample of its various facets.
Instead we will try to read a selection of interesting/important/influential texts in that domain.

The module leader will select the topics and readings for the first 5 weeks. These will include:

  • The basis for moral complaint
  • Defining the good
  • Disagreement
  • Judgment and motivation
  • Subjectivism and objectivism about reasons

The reading for the remaining weeks will be selected together by students and lecturer to fit the developing interests of the members of the seminar.

Autumn 2017

Thursday 4-6pm - The philosophy department, 45 Victoria Street, Room B09