PHI 6670 Mind & Language Seminar

2017-18 Outline

The syllabus for this MA seminar has been designed around topics that challenge some of the traditional ways of thinking about the mind. The issues discussed are not typically covered at undergraduate level. The aim is to provide students with the opportunity to extend their existing knowledge of this area, and to closely engage with particular topics that interest them. The topics will include a selection of the following: ā€˜Iā€™-thoughts; the answering machine paradox; introspection and self-knowledge; introspection and the body; self-deception and confabulation; thought insertion; delusion; the extended mind; the subpersonal; experimental problems for action; habits and bodily skills; mental illness; enactive perception. The exact content will be tailored to the interests of students taking the module.

Teaching for this module consists in eleven, two-hour seminars (weekly, with a break during reading week). There will be set reading for each class. Each session will begin with a short student presentation, followed by discussion. Students will thus be able to further develop the ability to critically read and discuss philosophical texts, together with the skills required to produce an effective presentation.

The seminar will involve weekly student presentations on important works in the area.

Autumn 2017

Friday 11am-1pm - Richard Roberts Building B81