REL1013 Religion in Britain

This module introduces students to critical study of religion in contemporary world, engaging with social sciences. We will consider sociological facts and statistics, as well as ethnographic studies, in order to understand British religiosity, here and now. The module includes key theories, beginning with definitions of religion, spirituality, and mindfulness, moving onto religious identity and pluralism, rituals and traditions, not forgetting atheism, and humanism. We will examine key themes in the contemporary sociology of religion, such as secularism, fundamentalism, and pluralism. We will map religion in Britain, considering diversity and decline, and the students will also have an opportunity to do some fieldwork. One of the assignments is a mini-ethnography project, as students choose a religious community and visit them to observe lived religion first-hand. This module provides an excellent foundation for further study of religion and social sciences, as well as general understanding of issues behind media headlines, and critical awareness of social change affecting our society.

20 credits


Minna Shkul