PHI126 - Mind, Brain and Personal Identity


What is it to have a mind? Is your mind a physical thing, such as your brain? Or is it a non-physical soul attached, somehow, to a physical body? Do human beings have free will-the ability to freely choose their own actions-and, if so, how? What makes me, now, the same person as I was when I was a young child? Or am I perhaps not really the same person at all? How is personal identity like identity for things other than persons-what makes a ship at one time identical to a ship at another time? Do non-human animals have minds? Could computers or robots have artificially created minds? If animals or computers had minds would they have souls? Could they have free will? This course will examine these issues and some historical and contemporary attempts to understand them. 

Assessment: Coursework and exam

Full module, 20 credits                                                                                                                                          


Stephen Laurence