PHI211 Theory of Knowledge


2017-18 Outline

The aim of the course is to provide an introduction to philosophical issues surrounding knowledge. We will be concerned with the nature and extent of knowledge. How must a believer be related to the world in order to know that something is the case? Can knowledge be analysed in terms of more basic notions? Must our beliefs be structured in a certain way if they are to be knowledge? In considering these questions we will look at various sceptical arguments that suggest that the extent of knowledge is much less than we suppose. And we will look at the various ways in which we acquire and retain knowledge.

Suggested Reading

Williams, M, Problems of Knowledge, Oxford, 2001
Dancy, J, Introduction to Contemporary Epistemology, Blackwell, 1985


Two coursework essays (50%) and one exam (2 questions - 50%)


Paul Faulkner

Lectures - Spring 2018

Wednesday 12 noon - 1pm - Hicks Building Lecture Theatre E
Wednesday 2-3pm - Hadfield Building Lecture Theatre 22

Seminars (from Week 3)

Thursday 2-3pm - 38 Mappin Street G09
Thursday 3-4pm - 38 Mappin Street G09