PHI216 Feminism

2017-18 Outline

Feminists have famously claimed that the personal is political, and argued against traditional understandings of the public/private distinction. This module will be devoted to examining a wide variety of areas not traditionally considered to be of political relevance, which feminists have argued are in fact crucial to politics. We will discuss such issues as family structure, feminine appearance, sexual behaviour, implicit bias, moral responsibility for oppression, culture and language.

Preparatory Reading

Students without a background in political philosophy may find it useful to read Kymlick's Contemporary Political Philosophy, but no prior knowledge will be assumed.


Two coursework essays (one non-assessed) and one pre-released examination (2 questions).


Jenny Saul

Lectures - Autumn 2017

Monday 12 noon-1pm - Hicks Building Lecture Theatre A
Tuesday 12 noon-1pm - Hicks Building Lecture Theatre A

Seminars (from Week 3)

Thursday 11am-12 noon - 38 Mappin Street - 201
Thursday 12 noon-1pm - 38 Mappin Street 201