PHI345  Advanced Logic

2017-18 Outline:

This course will build upon the second year Formal Logic module, but it will introduce some more advanced logical techniques and some philosophically very important technical ideas; it will also examine some fundamental philosophical issues about logic. We will start by studying the propositional calculus as an ‘axiom system’. This will allow us to develop some powerful and commonly-used techniques for proving logical results, ones that we will employ in demonstrating a very strong form of the completeness theorem for propositional logic. We will then examine some fundamental philosophical issues relating to logic and language, such as the question whether facts about the nature of meaning imply that we should be ‘anti-realists’ and that we should consequently reject classical logic. Finally, we will see how propositional logic can be extended to ‘modal logic’, by introducing ideas involving possible worlds. These will supply us with technical tools with which to study the logical behaviour of the concepts of possibility and necessity, tools that have been central to philosophy over the last fifty years.

Preparatory Reading

It will be helpful for students to review the second year formal logic module.

Advised previous modules:

Formal Logic


  Coursework (50%) and one exam (50%).


Dominic Gregory

Lectures - Spring 2018

Tuesday 12 noon-1pm - Hicks Building Lecture Theatre 6
Wednesday 12 noon-1pm - Broad Lane Block Lecture Theatre 10

Seminars (from Week 3)

Wednesday 1-2pm - Broad Lane Block Lecture Theatre 8