15 July 2019

Department of Philosophy Prize Winners 2019

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2018-19 Undergraduate Department of Philosophy prizes.

St George's church

Nidditch Prize Winners

The Peter H Nidditch Prizes in Philosophy are awarded for the best performance(s) in Philosophy modules over the year. Congratulations to all of the following students.

Level 1

Terence Gjertsen
Megan Roy

The following students received honourable mention:

  • Jackson Henderson
  • Lucy Roberts
  • Kristian Fella-Glanville
  • Ciaran Cumberpatch

Level 2

Benjamin Clarke
Emily Wright
Kezia Mahony

The following students received honourable mention:

  • Carys Eaton
  • Megan Hudson
  • Matthew Formstone
  • Jade Radcliffe
  • Dario Trimarchi

Level 3

Louis Wall
Luke Stamper
Thomas Renshaw

The following students received honourable mention:

  • Philippa Oakes
  • Rachael Fielding
  • Stuart McMillan

Dissertation in Religion

Charlotte Magdelene

FF Bruce Prize

Imogen Mitchell

Gibbons Prize

Louis Wall

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