God and the Good: Thinking Religion and Ethics

A series of interdisciplinary talks from October 2016 to July 2017, held at Sheffield Cathedral. Free and open to all.

This is a series of interdisciplinary talks, intended for a general audience. The series will consider the relation between religious thinking and traditions on the one hand, and ethics on the other. While most ethical traditions have a religious background, the increasing secularization of modern society has put this connection in question. These talks will consider how far ethical issues can be illuminated by coming at them through a religious context, and vice versa, as well as the history of the interconnection.

The series is being run by the University of Sheffield and by Sheffield Cathedral, and is organised by Robert Stern and Ryan Byerly (Department of Philosophy) and Keith Farrow from the Cathedral. Speakers include Angie Hobbs (Philosophy), Peter Bradley (Dean of Sheffield), Hugh Pyper (Philosophy), Ryan Byerly (Philosophy), Michael Braddick (History), Keith Burnett (Vice Chancellor) and Robert Stern (Philosophy).

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