Holly Lawford Smith wins Academic Award for Environmental Ethics moduleHollyLS

Holly Lawford Smith has won the Academic Award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching for her module on Environmental Ethics.

The award, administered by Sheffield Students’ Union, was voted for by students and Holly rose above the competition from over one hundred other nominees across all disciplines.

Holly was nominated for her “dynamic teaching style” and for the “truly innovative” methods of assessment of the module which were “geared towards engaging students in these important global issues in a way that allowed maximum participation and catered to a variety of learning styles."

The Level 1 module which introduces students to the challenging moral and political issues raised by climate change, ran for the first time in 2015-16 as ‘Environmental Ethics’ and will continue as ‘Climate Ethics’ in 2016-17.

Josh Forstenzer was also one of the three shortlisted finalists for this award. He was nominated for his Philosophical Project on the Value of Higher Education. His nomination said “Josh is always eager to hear new ideas and it’s clear he respects the opinions of his students - he actively encourages us to think independently, creatively, and to take ourselves seriously as scholars in our own right.”

Congratulations to both Holly and Josh for their achievements.

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