8 April 2016

Paper by Stern Chosen as a ‘Classic’

A photograph of Professor Bob Stern. He wears a white shirt and there are pink flowers behind him.

Paper reprinted in new virtual publication on ‘Methods in Ethics’

A paper by Robert Stern has been reprinted as a ‘classic’ article by the Aristotelian Society, one of the leading learned societies in the UK, and publisher of the renowned ‘Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society’. The paper was selected as one of ten from the Society’s archive, which goes back to 1887, for a special issue on ‘Methods in Ethics’.

The Relation Between Moral Theory and Metaphysics

Stern’s paper is ‘The Relation Between Moral Theory and Metaphysics’, and was first published in 1992 – making it one of his earliest publications. The paper considers how far our ethical views should be sensitive to metaphysical claims, for example concerning the nature of persons, and thus what impact metaphysics can have on ethics.

The selected papers are paired with a new paper providing a commentary and elaboration of the target paper; Stern’s commentator is Sophie Grace Chappell of the Open University. Jimmy Lenman, also in Philosophy, is another commentator in the collection.

Read the third Virtual Issue of the Aristotelian Society: 'Methods in Ethics'.

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