Philosophy Meets Cognitive Science: A Conference in Honour of Stephen Stich

University of Sheffield, Friday 7 October 2016

International Centre of the Social Sciences (ICOSS) Conference Room, 219 Portobello, S1 4DP, Sheffield, UK

Stephen Stich (Board of Governors Professor at Rutgers University and Honorary Professor at Sheffield University) is one of the most distinguished living philosophers of mind.

We will celebrate Stich's work by doing one of the things he likes the most: combining philosophy with cognitive science. In the morning, four Sheffield PhD students will give talks at the interface between philosophy and psychology. In the afternoon, Stich will give a talk on the relevance of empirical research for moral theory.

The event is organized by the Hang Seng Centre for Cognitive Studies.

Full programme and information on registration

Tags: cognitive science, research, stephen stich, conferences, hang seng, philosophy