Philosophy student releases film after Cannes debut

Alex Bushnell, a third year Philosophy student, has written and produced a short film which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in May. You can watch the film on Youtube below.Photo of Alex Bushnell

Finding Home

‘Finding Home’ is a 15 minute short following a World War 1 soldier who, after clashing with his battalion, must fight his increasing paranoia whilst trying to survive the trenches. The film addresses issues including nationalism, anxiety and the nature of war.

Alex met the director, Rupert Rixon, Screentest’s Young UK filmmaker of the year, when they were at Sixth Form together. They collaborated on a number of scripts before Rupert asked Alex to work with him on an idea for a short film.

While developing the script, Alex and Rupert visited the trenches in France and Belgium to help them understand the conditions the soldiers lived in and make sure the script was historically accurate.


Alex said, “Casting was definitely one of my favourite stages of the production. Hundreds of people applied for parts and I got to travel down to London for auditions and have my first encounter with the professional industry - it was a brilliant experience.”

“We shot the whole thing in one hectic weekend in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, and Ipswich. The three days involved my directing actors in some scenes, acting as an extra in others, and getting involved with an extremely fun stunt containing explosions.”

Alex is hoping to become a professional screenwriter after he has finished his degree.

Watch the film below: