Recent PhDs

Our PhD students have a strong placement records. For those seeking academic jobs, the usual first post is as either a postdoctoral researcher or a temporary lecturer/teaching fellow, with permanent posts coming a little later. Our students have secured jobs in the UK at departments like Birmingham,Cambridge,Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hull, Kent, Kings, Leeds, LSE, Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan, Nottingham, Open University, Oxford, Roehampton, Sheffield, and UWE. And they have secured jobs in many countries around the world including Austria, Australia, Canada, Chile, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. See below for a list of recent PhD topics.

Particular placement information for our graduates can be found by following the links to their personal websites, where available.

Year of completion Thesis Title Supervisors
Stephen Bolton Higher-Order Vagueness Keefe/Leech/Olson
Graham Bex-Priestley Higher-Order Expressivism: The Dyadic Nature of Moral Judgement Lenman/Lawford-Smith/Shemmer
Ahmad Fattah Pragmatist Possibilities for Alasdair MacIntyre's Philosophy Stern/Bennett
Trystan Goetze Conceptual Responsibility Fricker/Faulkner
Neri Marsili You don’t say! Lying, asserting and insincerity Saul/Faulkner
Joshua Thomas Meaningfulness and Mortality Bennett/Lenman
Francesco Antilici Can Infants Reason About Beliefs? Laurence/Botterill
Andreas Bunge The Nature of Attitudes: Profiles of Situation-Specific Evaluative Response Dispositions Holroyd/Barlassina/Stafford (Psychology)
Ashley Pennington The Pragmatics of Linguistic Injustice Saul/Keefe
Damiano La Manna The Functional Role of Phenomenal Consciousness Gregory/Barlassina
Henry Cusworth The Many Relations Between Language and Thought: Three Case Studies Laurence/Keefe
Gonzalo Nuñez Erices Carving the World at its Boundaries. A Metaphysical Study Olson/Keefe
Siobhan Moriarty Ontological Categories, Existence Statements, and Metaphysical Modality. Hale/Leech/Makin
Neil Williams Realism, Individualism, and Pluralism: The Metaphysics and Ethics of William James Hookway/Stern
Philippa Read (Leeds University) 'Female Heroism in First World War France: Representations and Lived Experiences.' Hobbs (Sheffield)/Fell (Leeds)
Maria Kasmirli 'Conversational Implicature: Re-assessing the Gricean Framework' Saul/Botterill
Adriana Clavel Vazquez 'Engaging with Counter-Moral Fictions: A Contextual Approach' Gregory/Bennett
Bernardo Pino 'A Defence of the Theoretical Relevance of the Term ‘Concept’' Laurence/Botterill
Alex Baker-Graham 'Feeling Like Stories: Empathy and Narrative Engagement' Gregory/Romdenh-Romluc
Philipp Rau The Author, Not the Tale: Memory, Narrative, and the Self Botterill/Gregory
Richard Healey The Power of Consent Viehoff/Bennett
Stephen Ingram Robustness in Moral Reality: Norms, Necessity and Robust Realism Lenman/Fricker
Cristina Roadevin Blame and Forgiveness Bennett/Fricker
Katharine Jenkins Ontic Injustice Saul/Fricker
Armin Khameh The Morality of Toleration Viehoff/Stern
Joe Saunders Reason, Freedom and Morality: An Interpretation and Defence of Kant's Groundwork III Stern/Bennett
Charlotte Alderwick Freedom and Powers in Schelling's Metaphysics Stern/Olson
Pete Caven Moral Disagreement: A Psychological Account and the Political Implications Shemmer/Botterill
Simon Kittle Free will and the ability to do otherwise


Elianna Fetterolf Remorse: A Prospective Genealogy Fricker/Bennett
Paniel Reyes Cardenas The Place of Scholastic Realism in Peirce's Pragmatic Philosophy Hookway/Makin
Stephen Wright The nature of testimonial justification Faulkner/Fricker
Carl Fox Party to the Hypothetical Contract: Obligation, Legitimacy, and Autonomy Lenman/Viehoff
Jonathan Parry Authority and Harm in War Viehoff/Lenman
Frank Arthurs Free Will, Determinism, and Moral Responsibility Shemmer/Olson
Jack Wadham Representation Rectified Hopkins/Gregory
Joseph Kisolo-Ssonko On Collective Action: Underpinning the Plural Subject with a Model of Planning Agency Faulkner/Keefe
Natasha McKeever Romantic Love and Monogamy: A Philosophical Exploration Bennett/Saul
Jan Kandiyali Karl Marx's Individualistic Conception of the Good Life Bennett/Stern
Ivar Hannikainnen Evaluative Focus: A Dual-Process View of Moral Judgment Laurence/Lenman
Bernardo Aguilera Mindedness: On the Minimal Conditions for Possessing a Mind Laurence/Gregory
Jessica Begon Policy Without Paternalism: A Capability Approach to Legitimate State Action Viehoff/Bennett
Inga Vermeulen Words Matter: A Pragmatist View on the Study of Words in First-order Philosophy Laurence/Keefe
Joshua Forstenzer John Dewey's Experimentalism and the Problem of Method in Political Philosophy Stern/Hookway
Paul Giladi Hegel's Critique and Development of Kant Stern/Hookway
Josh Fedorko Kant and Hegel on Things in Themselves Stern/Hookway
Jonathan Payne Expansionist Abstraction Hale/Keefe
Angela Pepper Feminism and Global Justice Saul/G. Brown (Politics)
Naoki Usui Innateness and the Mind Laurence/Faulkner
Lindsey Porter The Moral Status of Babies and our Obligations to Them Bennett/Laurence
Kathy Puddifoot Psychology and the Goals of Epistemology Laurence/Hookway
Peter Oxtoby Dualist Intuitions and Phenomenal Consciousness Olson/Hopkins
David Ekstrand Reciprocity and the State: A Liberal Theory of Legitimacy Lenman/Sleat/Shemmer
Laura Beeby Communicative Injustice Saul/Hookway
Matt Jones Semantic Scepticism: Normativity and Naturalism Hale/Hookway
Tatjana von Solodkoff Grounding Fiction Olson/Gregory
Graeme Forbes The Times They Are A-Changin': Rehabilitating the Growing Block Theory of Time Makin/Olson
Victor Cantero Flores The Source of Broadly Logical Necessity Hale/Gregory
Robin Scaife Agency and Freedom of the Will: the Challenge from Psychology Botterill/Laurence
Heather Arnold Taking the Abolition of the Family Seriously Saul/Lenman
Jessica Leech The Varieties of Modality: Kantian Prospects for a Relativist Account Hale (Sheffield)/Correia (Geneva)
Daniel Herbert Kant, Pierce and the Transcendental Deduction Stern/Hookway
Suilin Lavelle Understanding Folk Psychology, Theory, Understanding and Explanation in Social Cognition Botterill/Hopkins
Tom O'Shea Autonomy and the Foundations of Normativity Stern/Hookway
Katie Harrington Responding to the Scandal of Scepticism: Kant's Fourth Paralogism and the Refutation of Idealism Stern/Hopkins
Julien Murzi Intuitionism and logical revisionism Hale / Gregory
Megan Kime Theories of global justice: relational and non-relational approaches Bennett / Stern
Sean Cordell Virtue ethics in the contemporary social and political realm Bennett / Stern
Jonathan Smith Atheism and moral scepticism Lenman / Shemmer
Giles Banning-Lover Davidson and scepticism Hookway / Hopkins
Cristina Carestiato A transcendental argument from externalism Stern / Hopkins
Andrew Thomas Truth-making and Deflationism Keefe / Hale
Leonardo Ribeiro Desires, Agency and Self-Determination Botterill / Owens
Jose E Gonzalez Varela Quinean scepticism about de re modalizing and non-cognitivism Hale / Makin
Davide Rizza Applicability, Idealization, and Mathematization Hale / Keefe
Jules Holroyd Autonomy Saul / Lenman
Paul Sludds Hedonism, Wellbeing and Death Lenman / Shemmer
Suzanne Lock Content, Causation and Relational Properties Laurence / Botterill
Stellios Tavoularis Hegel, Plotinus and Jacobi: Idealism and Two Varieties of Mysticism Stern / Makin
Lina Papadaki Sexual Objectification: from Kant to Contemporary Feminism Saul / Wenar
Joe Morrison The Evidence of Holism Faulkner / Hookway
Andre Abath Challenging Conceptualism About Perceptual Experience Laurence / Hopkins
Andrew Howat Pragmatism and Response Dependence Hookway / Hopkins
Anna Wilkinson Issues in Ethical Naturalism: Motivation, Explanation and Semantics Bennett / Lenman
Esa Diaz-Leon Consciousness, Conceivability and Concepts Laurence / Keefe
Richard Woodward The Case of the Moral Fictionalist Divers / Gregory
Kathryn Wilkinson Hegel, The Sacrifice of Personality and Marriage Stern / Hookway
Naomi Rosenberg Moore's Paradox and the Conditions of Honest Assertion Keefe / Bell
Simon Fitzpatrick Simplicity, Science and Mind Laurence / Faulkner

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