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Teaching Experience and Training for Postgraduates

Teacher training

We offer our own in-house Philosophy Tutor Training programme for postgraduate research students in the Philosophy Department. This can count towards your Doctoral Development Programme requirements.

The University also offers a range of different DDP modules that include some teacher training.

Philosophy Tutoring

One of the teaching opportunities PGR students have is as a tutor on the Department’s Level One modules. This opportunity is normally open to all PhD students registered in the Philosophy Department from the second semester of their PhD.

The teaching involves facilitating discussion in the tutorial groups that run alongside and complement lectures. Usually preparation guidance and discussion questions for these tutorials are provided by lecturers, but room is also left for the facilitator’s initiative. Tutors are paid both for preparation time and contact time, and can expect to teach 2-4 groups per week

Teaching is also available on the Department’s online independent-learning modules, Key Arguments and History of Philosophy. An in-house tutorial training module (see above) is provided for all new tutors.


For more information on teaching opportunities in the department, contact the Director of Graduate Studies for Research Students Jenny Saul in Spring, or the Director of First Year Studies, Chris Bennett.