Alumni Profiles

Department of Philosophy graduates go into a variety of exciting careers. The skills learnt during a Philosophy degree provide graduates with the tools needed to succeed. Here, Philosophy graduates tell us about the careers they went into and share their practical advice.

Photo of Dan McNicholasDan McNicholas (BA Philosophy), Head of Analytics & Insight, MEC Manchester

"A Philosophy degree gives you really valuable, transferable skills, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking it doesn’t make you employable. You can learn the skills of the job, but being able to think philosophically is a stand-out skill." Read more >

Photo of Alexander IsembardAlexander Isembard (BA Philosophy), Musician, Isembard’s Wheel, Sheffield, UK

"If it weren’t for my being at The University of Sheffield, I wouldn’t be living my dream-job. In my line of work, individuality of attitude and expression are key components, and my degree has certainly helped me to write lyrics with meanings and messages that really resonate with our audience." Read more>

Photo of Amy WatsonAmy Watson (BA and MA Philosophy), Senior Analyst, CEB, London, UK

"In the business consulting world a philosophy undergraduate and masters degree is valued highly as it evidences an ability to think critically." Read more>

Photo of Alex Sinclair LackAlex Sinclair Lack (BA Philosophy), Teacher, writer, editor, British Council and Preiss Murphy
Amman, Jordan

"Never once have I looked back. I know a lot of philosophy graduates, and now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone voice a single regret. Studying philosophy at Sheffield, will always be one of the most powerful and enlightening periods of my life." Read more>

Photo of Rohan CookRohan Cook (BA Philosophy) Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Aberdeen, Scotland

"What really worked for me was using the skills from my studies to step back from the panic of ‘what am I going to do now I’ve graduated’ and focus on the core values I wanted to apply in my life." Read more>

Photo of Valentine KozinValentine Kozin (BA Philosophy) Technical Artist, Rare, Microsoft, Atherstone, UK

"I think there is a very direct connection between doing philosophy and working with computer software in terms of the analytical approaches required, and certainly when you work with games the parallels only become more numerous." Read more>

Photo of Natasha McKeeverNatasha McKeever (BA Philosophy, MA Political Theory, PhD Philosophy) Civil Service Fast Stream, Civil Service, London, UK

"Philosophy has helped me with being able to think clearly, weigh up different arguments and to construct my own argument." Read more>

Photo of Laura PageLaura Page (MA Philosophy) Civil Service Fast Stream, Civil Service, London, UK

"As well as helping me to get jobs just by having it on my CV, Philosophy has given me some really useful skills. It helped to develop my writing skills, my research abilities and reasoning so that I can now write publishable articles. " Read more>

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