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Photo of Natasha McKeeverNatasha McKeever (BA Philosophy, MA Political Theory, PhD Philosophy)

Civil Service Fast Stream
Civil Service
London, UK

Where did life take you after your degrees?

After my PhD I lectured in Philosophy of Education at the University of Sheffield for a semester and then travelled in India before joining the Fast Stream.

What’s your current job like?

On the generalist stream of the fast stream we rotate jobs every 6 months for the first two years, working in three different departments and doing a secondment outside of the civil service. We then return to two of those departments for one year postings in the third and fourth year of the scheme. So far I’ve worked at the Department for Education, the Department of Health and the Department of Work and Pensions.

What’s your advice to current philosophy students?

Make sure you take up opportunities and try to do things outside of your degree e.g. voluntary work and being part of societies. These kinds of experiences are really helpful when applying for jobs.

What are the benefits of a philosophy degree?

Philosophy has helped me with being able to think clearly, weigh up different arguments and to construct my own argument.

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