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The Philosophy department offers 14 Single and Dual Honours degrees, allowing you to study Philosophy on its own or combined with a wide range of other subjects.

What it's like to study Philosophy at Sheffield

Philosophy (Single Honours)

Our Philosophy degree is very flexible. There are no core modules, so, with the advice of staff, you can construct a path through your degree that focuses on the topics and areas that interest you most.

We offer modules in key areas such as ethics, philosophy of mind, theory of knowledge, political philosophy, metaphysics, and feminism, as well as major figures such as Plato, Aristotle, Kant, and Hegel.

Philosophy modules

Find out more about Philosophy courses | For details of entry requirements, see the University Prospectus 2018.

Philosophy and Religion

In the Philosophy and Religion degree, students combine the study of Philosophy with the multi-disciplinary study of Religion. Both components of the degree are highly flexible. 

Philosophy Modules  Religion Modules

Find out more about Philosophy and Religion | For details of entry requirements, see the University Prospectus 2018.

Dual Honours with Philosophy

Philosophy is particularly well suited to being combined in a dual-honours degree.  The study of philosophy emphasizes skills such as clear expression, precise argument, critical thinking, and problem-solving, which can contribute significantly to the study of other subjects.

The wide range of topics we offer also make it possible to find philosophy modules closely related to your dual subject. For instance, the philosophy of science is relevant to Physics and Mathematics; the history of philosophy and political philosophy bears on Politics, Economics, and of course History; the philosophy of the arts is relevant to literature courses; and so on. You can also choose modules in subjects completely unrelated to your course.

Combined Honours - Triple

You can also combine Philosophy with two other subjects for a triple-honours degree.

Degree with Employment Experience

Our Degree with Employment Experience programme allows you to take a placement year as a recognised part of your degree programme. A placement year is an excellent opportunity to spend a year in employment and enhance your employability.

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