German and Philosophy

German and Philosophy are a natural pairing. Germany, the 'land of poets and thinkers', has produced more than its share of great philosophers.  Even today, philosophy permeates German culture. If you're taking an A-level or equivalent in German, are eager to get to grips with philosophy, and would like to combine the two, a dual-honours degree in German and Philosophy is what you need.  It will enable you to develop your understanding of German language, society, and culture, while learning about philosophical issues that have challenged thinkers for centuries.

On this course you can either take an equal number of modules from each subject or you can decide to study more modules in German or in Philosophy.. You will also have a year abroad in a German-speaking country, during which you can study at university (and take German philosophy courses if you wish), be a teaching assistant at a school, or do a commercial work placement.

On the German programme, you will combine intensive practical language learning with a wide range of academic modules taught by active researchers. These cover society, literature, culture, politics, linguistics, film, and thought in the German-speaking world. Options of particular interest to philosophers include Modern German Thought, Freud, and German Culture and Ideas. We teach around a third of our modules in German. You can also take modules in Dutch or Luxembourgisch.

The Philosophy department offers an exciting range of modules taught by researchers who are experts in their fields. You can develop your understanding of the key areas of philosophy, such as ethics, aesthetics, theory of knowledge, political philosophy, philosophy of language, and logic. We also offer modules on major figures in the history of philosophy, such as Plato, Aristotle, and Descartes. German philosophers you can study include Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, and Nietzsche.

The Philosophy side of the degree is highly flexible, with no required modules. Dual students have the choice of exactly the same modules as single-honours Philosophy and German students. Philosophy modules

For more details of the Philosophy side of the degree, click here. For more on the  German programme, click here. For more on the technical details of this course, including entry requirements, see the University online 2018 prospectus.

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