Philosophy and Hispanic Studies

A degree in Philosophy and Hispanic Studies enables you to develop your understanding of the Spanish language and of Spanish and Latin American culture and society, while learning about philosophical issues that have challenged philosophers for centuries.

On this course you can either take an equal number of modules from each subject or you can decide to study more modules in Philosophy or in Hispanic Studies.

In Hispanic Studies about a third of teaching time is devoted to developing your written and oral fluency in Spanish, supported by small-group learning on weekly basis and weekly classes with native speakers.

Level one provides a grounding in the language, culture, history, and society of Spain and Latin America.

Levels two and three offer very broad coverage of diverse aspects of Spanish and Latin American society, history, and culture. This includes film, music, linguistics, literature, art, and sport. Language learning remains central, but otherwise you have an extensive choice of optional modules. This enables you to build your own pathway and set your own challenges, all within a framework of support from personal tutors.

The course includes a year abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. We offer a large number of year-abroad options in Spain and Latin America. We are flexible in making arrangements to suit your interests. We have outstanding success in securing placements with the British Council's language-teaching assistantship schemes.

The Philosophy department offers an exciting range of modules taught by researchers who are experts in their field. You can develop your understanding of the key areas of philosophy, such as ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of language, aesthetics, metaphysics, and logic. We also have modules on major figures in the history of philosophy, such as Plato, Aristotle, Kant, and Hegel.

The Philosophy side of the degree is highly flexible, with no required modules. Dual students have the choice of exactly the same modules as single Philosophy students. Philosophy modules

For more on the Philosophy side of the degree, click here. For more on Hispanic Studies at Sheffield, click here. For more on the technical details of this course, including entry requirements, see the University online 2018 prospectus.

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