Death and dying

What makes it bad to die? Philosophical questions regarding death and dying typically focus on the definition of ‘death’ and on whether death harms the dead and, if it does, in what way. In additional to a rich historical literature in this field, contemporary questions in the philosophy of death include what harm is involved in the extinction of the human species and whether extending human life through technologies is necessarily a good thing.

Eric Olson, James Lenman and Keith Frankish work in this field.

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Taught Modules

Death is a first year module on death, immortality and the after-life.

Matters of Life and Death is a first year module that touches on the issue of how death but mainly focuses on the rights and wrongs of killing.

Religion and the Good Life is a second year module which investigates the significance of various religious traditions and their respective beliefs about the after-life with regards to living a good life.