Implicit Bias

Implicit biases are unconscious associations that can affect the way that we evaluate and interact with people. Explaining the significance of implicit bias, Professor Saul said: “Implicit biases can, for example, lead assessors to rate a CV as less impressive if it has a woman’s rather than a man’s name at the top of it. Stereotype threat can cause a woman to under perform in high-stakes situations when she is one of very few women in the room.”

Jennifer Saul, Jules Holroyd, Robin Scaife and Keith Frankish work in this field.

Digital artefacts

Audio:  Start the Week, Radio 4: Race and Bias. Recorded at the Free Thinking Festival, Gateshead, November 2016. 

Video: 'The anatomy of Institutional Racism' Presentation at the Conference on Police Racism, Corruption and Spying, organised by The Monitoring Group, and the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, February 2015

Video: What do we want from a model of implicit bias? with Jules Holroyd, The Implicit Mind Workshop, Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm, May 2015

Sample academic writings: