Modelling International Cooperation Between States

Marie Curie FP7 Career Integration Grant 2014 - 2016


Holly Lawford-Smith's Marie Curie FP7 Career Integration Grant "Modelling International Cooperation Between States" is a three-year project aiming to both model cooperation between state agents, and make recommendations about the conditions under which such cooperation is likely to be successful, with a final view to commenting on current negotiations over climate change. The first stage of the project focuses on the nature of states as collective agents. The second stage focuses on whether state agents behave sufficiently similarly to ordinary human agents in at least some contexts that certain lessons from the wide experimental literature on cooperation between human agents apply across. You can watch Holly give a talk about this project here (overview from 1.02-15.40).

Central research questions

• What is the state?
• Is the state a collective agent?
• Are citizens responsible for what their states do?
• If not citizens, who's culpable for what the state does?
• What can game theory and experimental economics tell us about inter-state cooperation?
• How do these conclusion bear on climate negotiations?

Conference 16th - 17th September 2016: 'States as Collective Agents & Citizens' Complicity for States' Actions'

In conjunction with Princeton University, there will be a conference from 16th - 17th September 2016, titled 'States as Collective Agents & Citizens' Complicity for States' Actions'. The conference will be held at Princeton University, in New Jersey. (Paper titles and programme to be posted soon).

Confirmed speakers include:

Philip Pettit (Princeton)
Anna Stilz (Princeton)
Christopher Kutz (Berkeley)
Eric Beerbohm (Harvard)
Avia Pasternak (UCL)
Holly Lawford-Smith (Sheffield)
Stephanie Collins (Manchester)
Johannes Himmelreich (Humboldt)
Jeff McMahan (Oxford)
Francois Tanguay-Renaud (York)

Confirmed attendees include:

Michael Bratman (Stanford)
Daniel Viehoff (NYU)
Scott Shapiro (Yale)

Recent international talks

University of Auckland, New Zealand / Philosophy Seminar, April 2016
Waikato University, New Zealand / Philosophy Seminar, April 2016
University of Otago, New Zealand / Philosophy Department Seminar, April 2016
Australian National University, Australia / Thursday Philosophy Seminar, April 2016

Upcoming & recent talks

"Who's Culpable for What States Do?" York University, Toronto Canada, January 2017

"The Environmentalist Utopia". Catholic University of Central Africa, Yaounde Cameroon / Utopias & Justice Conference, August 2016

"Are Citizens Culpable for What Their States Do?" Humboldt University, Berlin Germany / Philosophy Seminar, June 2016