Past Departmental Seminars (2004-2005)

Please see below for details of our Departmental Seminars from 2004-2005. Click on the speaker's name to find out details of the speaker's current research.

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Spring 2005

January 27th Marina Sbisa [Trieste] Speech Acts and Conventionality
February 18th Alan Millar [Stirling] What the Disjunctivist is Right About
February 25th Rob Hopkins [Sheffield] Critical Reasoning and Critical Perception
March 4th Jessica Brown [Bristol] Williamson on Luminosity and Contextualism
March 11th John Skorupski [St Andrews] The Concept of Well Being
March 18th Adrian Moore [Oxford] Maxims and Thick Ethical Concepts
April 15th John Divers [Sheffield] On the Significance of the Question of the Function of Modal Judgment
April 22nd Denis McManus [Southampton] What Might Wittgenstein’s Ladder Be Made Of?
May 6th Peter Smith [Cambridge] Understanding “There are finitely Many” . . .
May 13th Jay Wallace [Berkeley] The Deontic Structure of Morality

Autumn 2004

October 1st Stephen Davies [Auckland] Versions of Musical Works and Literary Translations
October 8th Jon Webber [Sheffield] The Regularity of Character
October 15th Mike Martin [UCL] The Claims of Transparency
October 22nd Sandra Marshall [Stirling] Provocation: Who Needs It?
October 29th Robert Adams [Yale] Existence
November 5th John Greco [Fordham] Holding Defeat to the Fire: Reliabilism and the Problem of Defeating Evidence
November 19th Matthew Soteriou [Oxford] Belief Revision, Epistemic Traps and Epistemic Freedom
November 26th Angela Hobbs [Warwick] Plato on War
December 3rd Bob Stern [Sheffield] The Curious case of the Concrete Universal
December 10th Andrew McGonigal [Leeds] Modality and Realism