Past Departmental Seminars (2005-2006)

Please see below for details of our Departmental Seminars from Year-Year. Click on the speaker's name to find out details of the speaker's current research.

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Spring 2006

February 10th David Efird [York] Genuine Modal Realism and the Empty World
February 17th Adrian Moore [Oxford] Williams, Nietzche and the Meaninglessness of Immortality
February 24th John Gardner [Oxford] TBC
March 3rd Dominic McIver Lopes [UBC] True Appreciation
March 10th Jose Zalabardo [UCL] Cognitive Alienation
March 17th Rob Hopkins [Sheffield] Imagination and Observation
March 31st Alison Hills [Bristol] Moral Disagreement and Moral Knowledge
April 28th John Tasioulas [Oxford] Repentance, Punishment and the Liberal State
May 5th Ian Rumfitt [Birkbeck] Meaning and Conflict of Logical Laws
May 12th Cheryl Misak [Toronto] TBC

Autumn 2005

October 7th Maria Alvarez [Southampton] Actions, Thought Experiments and the 'Principle of Alternate Possibilities
October 14th Eric Olson [Sheffield] TBC
October 21st Mark Kalderon [UCL] Color Pluralism and the Location Problem
October 28th Daniel Nolan [St Andrews] TBC
November 4th Bob Hargrave [Balliol, Oxford] The Revolutionary 'If'
November 18th Michael Ridge [Edinburgh] Ecunemical Expressivism
November 25th Rowan Cruft [Stirling] Justifying Rights
December 2nd Christopher Hookway [Sheffield] TBC
December 9th Aaron Ridley [Southampton] TBC
December 16th Tom Stoneham [York] Truthmakers and the Empty World