Past Departmental Seminars (2006-2007)

Please see below for details of our Departmental Seminars from 2006-2007. Click on the speaker's name to find out details of the speaker's current research.

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Spring 2007

February 9th David Owens [Sheffield] Freedom and Practical Judgement
February 16th James Ladyman [Bristol] On the Identity and Diversity of Objects in a Structure
February 23rd Elinor Mason [Edinburgh] Moral Theory and Moral Responsibility
March 2nd Duncan Pritchard [Stirling] The Value of Knowledge
March 9th Blain Neufeld [Trinity, Dublin] A Cosmopolitan Justification for the Legitimacy of Peoples
March 16th Andrew Williams [Warwick] Justice and Constructivism
April 20th Guy Longworth [UCL] Confronting Grammatical Properties
April 27th Wayne Davis [Georgetown] How Normative is Implicature?
May 4th Lisa Fuller [Sheffield] Intercultural Dialogue and non-governmental organisations: imperialism, respect and conflict
May 11th Thomas Crowther [Heythrop] Watching, Sight and the Homogeneity of Perceptual Processes

Autumn 2006

September 29th Timothy Chappell [Open University] Emotions as perceptions of value
October 6th Wayne Martin [Essex] Stoic self-consciousness
October 13th David Liggins [Manchester] Fictionalism without pretence
October 20th Alexander Paseau [Wadham, Oxford] Resemblance nominalism
October 27th Patrick Greenough [St Andrews] The open future
November 17th Christian Piller [York] The normativity of rationality
November 24th Tim Crane [UCL] Aboutness and non-existence
December 1st Jenny Saul [Sheffield] Lying and Deceiving
December 8th Jimmy Lenman [Sheffield] Expressivism