Past Departmental Seminars 2014-15

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Spring 2015

Date Speaker Title of paper
20th February Tim Kenyon (Waterloo) Numerous and credible witnesses': Confounds for testimonial corroboration
27th February Jenny Saul (Sheffield) Dogwhistles
6th March Stella Sandford (Kingston) Women in the History of Philosophy lecture: 'Simone de Beauvoir' (venue: Jessop West exhibition space)
13th March Cheryl Misak (Toronto) Ramsey's 1929 Pragmatism
20th March David Dyzenhaus (Toronto) The public conscience of the law: from Hobbes to HLA Hart
17th April Mark Textor (Kings College London) Three Notes, one Chord': Stumpf's Puzzle about Perception and James's Solution
24th April Catherine Wilson (York) Hume and 18th century Materialism
1st May Esa Diaz Leon (Manitoba) Conceptual Analysis and Social Criticism: A Defence of Conceptual Ethics
8th May CHiPhi workshop on ‘Absolute Time and Early Modern British Metaphysics’ (venue: ICOSS, 219 Portobello, Sheffield)
15th May Elselijn Kingma (Southampton) The Metaphysics of Pregnancy

Autumn 2014

10 October Alix Cohen (Edinburgh) Kant on the Aesthetic Dimension of Cognition
17 October Anca Gheaus (Sheffield) The right to parent and duties concerning future generations
24 October Peter Poellner (Warwick) Action, value, and autonomy: A quasi-Sartrean view
7 November Matthew Kieran (Leeds) Creative ambition and self-concern
21 November Rachel Goodman (Leeds) Cognitivism, Significance and Singular Thought
28 November Helen Beebee (Manchester) tba
5 December Tom Pink (KCL) Power, scepticism and ethical theory
12 December Steve Makin (Sheffield) Aristotelian Habits