Past Departmental Seminars 2016-17

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Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title of paper Location
17 February Bob Stern (Sheffield) Moral Obligation: Demands Without a Demander? Portobello B59
3 March Chris Bennett (Sheffield) The Authority of Moral Oversight: On the Legitimacy of Criminal Justice Portobello B59
10 March Sarah Broadie (St Andrews) Plato and Aristotle on the Theoretical Impulse Portobello B59
24 March Yonatan Shemmer and Graham Bex-Priestley A Normative Theory of Disagreement Portobello B59
31 March Luca Barlassina (Sheffield) More of this command! Less of this command! Portobello B59
28 April Jonathan Way (Southampton) Absence and Reasons Against Hicks Building, LTD
5 May Michael Devitt (CUNY) The Reference of Proper Names: Testing Usage and Intuitions Hicks Building, LTD
12 May Rachael Wiseman, Clare MacCumhaill, and Luna Dolezal (WIHP lecture)

Annual Women in the History of Philosophy Lecture

Ethics in a "world of women": Anscombe, Foot, Midgley and Murdoch

Hicks Building, LTD

Autumn 2016

Date Speaker Title of paper
7 Oct Stephen Stich (Rutgers) "Question: Can the Empirical Study of Moral Disagreement Resolve the Moral Realism Debate?
Answer: No"
Please note change to usual venue: ICOSS
14 Oct Adrian Currie (Calgary) The Platypus Rule: Method Pluralism & Method Bias
21 Oct Carolyn Price (Open University)

Mind Network Meeting: 'Acting out of Emotion and Acting on a Reason'
Please note earlier start time - 2pm - and change to usual venue: B8, Geography Building

28 Oct Sasha Mudd (Southampton) Authority of Theoretical Reason in Kant
4 Nov Niall Connolly (Sheffield) Fictional resistance and moral fictionalism
18 Nov Arnon Keren (Haifa) Experts, Advisors and Authorities
25 Nov Alex Klein (California State) The Curious Case of the Decapitated Frog
2 Dec Sophie Grace Chappell (Open University) Gratitude as a virtue
9 Dec Meena Dhanda (Wolverhampton)

Minorities and Philosophy Annual Lecture: 'An inescapable comparison - casteism and racism'
Please note change to usual venue: HRI