Past Departmental Seminars (2008-2009)

Please see below for details of our Departmental Seminars from 2008-2009. Click on the speaker's name to find out details of the speaker's current research. In Spring 2009, there was also be a series of four Leverhulme Lectures by Leverhulme Visiting Professor of Philosophy, Stephen Stich (Rutgers University).

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Spring 2009

February 20th Bob Hale [Sheffield] Impossibilities
February 27th Bart Streumer [Reading] Are Normative Judgements Non-Cognitive Attitudes
March 6th Jane Heal [Cambridge] Contact with Reality
March 13th Jerrold Levinson [Maryland] Toward a Non-Minimalist Account of Aesthetic Experience
March 27th Michael Otsuka [UCL] How to Discount Harms by their Improbability
May 1st Fiona Woollard [Sheffield] Defending the Doctrine of Doing and Allowing
May 6th (Wed) Stephen Stich [Rutgers] Leverhulme Lecture One
May 8th Berys Gaut [St Andrews] Medium-Specificity Arguments and Cinema
May 11th (Mon) Stephen Stich [Rutgers] Leverhulme Lecture Two
May 15th Peter van Inwagen [Notre Dame] Changing the Past
May 18th (Mon) Stephen Stich [Rutgers] Leverhulme Lecture Three
May 22nd Dawn Phillips [Warwick] Visual Composing: Works of Photography and Works of Music
May 27th (Wed) Stephen Stich [Rutgers] Leverhulme Lecture Four

Autumn 2008

October 10th Helen Frowe [Sheffield] A Practical Account of Self-Defence
October 17th Daniel Whiting [Southampton] The Normativity of Meaning Defended
October 24th Dominic Gregory [Sheffield] Imagery, the Imagination and Experience
October 31st Alan Carter [Glasgow] An Indirect, Multidimensional Consequentialism
November 7th Adrian Moore [St Hugh's, Oxford] Vats, Sets, and Tits
November 21st Simon Kirchin [Kent] A Tension in Moral Error Theory
November 28th Tim Williamson [Oxford] Knowledge, Probability and Safety
December 5th Helen Beebee [Birmingham] Hume's Two Definitions: The Procedural Interpretation
December 12th Alexander Bird [Bristol] The Metaphysics of Natural Kinds