Past Departmental Seminars (2009-2010)

Please see below for details of our Departmental Seminars from 2009-2010. Click on the speaker's name to find out details of the speaker's current research.

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Autumn 2009

October 9th Rob Hopkins [Sheffield] Inflected Pictorial Experience: Its Treatment and Significance
October 16th Michael Potter [Cambridge] Wittgenstein 1916
October 23rd Elizabeth Barnes [Leeds] Disability and Adaptive Preference
October 30th Lisa Bortolotti [Birmingham] 'Faultless' Ignorance: strengths and limitations of epistemic definitions of confabulation
November 6th Mark Schroeder [USC] The Ubiquity of State-Given Reasons
November 20th Hannes Leitgeb [Bristol] A Probabilistic Semantics for Counterfactuals
November 27th Paul Faulkner [Sheffield] Lies and the Problem of Trust
December 4th Pekka Vayrynen [Leeds] Thick Concepts and Variability
December 11th David Davies [McGill] Multiple Instances and Multiple 'Instances'

Spring 2010

February 19th David Owens [Sheffield] Consent
February 26th Daniel Nolan [Nottingham] The Extent of Metaphysical Necessity
Tuesday March 2nd (5.15pm-7.15pm, Northgate House Lecture Theatre) Alison Wylie [University of Washington] Evidential Reasoning in Archaeology: Robustness and Triangulation
March 5th (2.30pm-6pm, HRI) CHiPhi Workshop on History of Analytic Philosophy
March 12th Thomas Sattig [Washington University in St. Louis] Indeterminacy De Re
April 16th Carrie Jenkins [Nottingham] 'Intuition'; Intuition, Concepts and the A Priori
April 23rd Yonatan Shemmer [Sheffield] The Possibility of Constructivism
April 30th Brad Hooker [Reading] Egoism, Altruism, and Impartiality
May 7th David Smith [Warwick] Benign Physicalism
May 14th Fiona MacPherson [Glasgow] Cognitive Penetration of Colour Experience: Rethinking the Issue in Light of an Indirect Mechanism