Past Departmental Seminars 2011-12

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Autumn 2011

7th October:  Alison Stone (University of Lancaster)  ‘Matricide’

14th October:  Komarine Romdenh-Romluc (University of Nottingham)  ‘Habit and Attention’

21st October:  Leslie Green (Balliol College, Oxford)  ‘A Democratic Constitution: The Basics’

28th October:  Daniel Viehoff (University of Sheffield)  'Serving the Governed'

4th November:  Don Fallis (University of Arizona)  ‘What is Lying?’

18th November:  Dudley Knowles (University of Glasgow)   ‘Good Samaritans and Good Government’

25th November:  Daniel Hutto (University of Hertfordshire)  ‘Radically Enactive Cognition in our Grasp’

2nd December:  Philip Kitcher (Columbia University)  ‘Pragmatic Naturalism’

9th December:  Stephen Houlgate (Warwick University)  'Hegel, Danto and the "End of Art"'

Spring 2012

17th Feb:  Michelle Montague (Bristol)  'Conscious Thought'

24th Feb:  Jennifer Nagel (Toronto)  'Intuitive and Systematic Epistemology'

2nd March:  Chris Bennett (Sheffield)  'Expressive Action'

9th March:  ChiPhi Workshop

16th March:  David Archard (Lancaster) 'Paternalism and Respect'

23rd March:  Sergio Tenenbaum (Toronto)  'Actions, Projects and Intentions'

27th April:  Tom Douglas (Oxford)  'Medical Interventions as Criminal Sanctions'

4th May:  Kimberley Brownlee (Warwick)  'The Limits of the Right to Free Thought'