Past Departmental Seminars 2012-13

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Autumn Semester 2012-13
5 October
Heather Logue (Leeds) "Disjunctivism,  Naive Realism, & Philosophical versus Scientific Study of Perceptual Experience"
13 October
Samir Okasha (Bristol) "Some remarks concerning the interpretation of decision theory"
19 October Anne Sophie Spann (Innsbruck) "Hurricanes & Lives. Some remarks on Animalism's Trust in Strict Identity through Time"
26 October Maria Alvarez (KCL) "Choice & Compulsion"
2 November Bob Hale (Sheffield) "Contingent Beings"
16th November
Arif Ahmed (Cambridge) "Counterfactuals and decision"
23 November Raimond Gaita (Melbourne)  "Reason and Meaning in Ethics"
30  November
John Hadley (Western Sydney) "A critique of the psychological theory of intrinsic value"
7 December Amber Carpenter (York) "Pleasure as Temptation, as Reward, and as Expression

                                                                      Spring Semester 2013          

8th Feb Ben Jarvis (Queens Belfast) "Belief without Credence" AT-LT7
15th Feb Mary McCabe (Kings College London)

"Tranformative goods: Rereading Glaucon's 
challenge in Plato's Republic challenge in Plato's


21st Feb

Annual Women in the History
of Philosophy Lecture:
Emily Thomas (Cambridge)

"The Metaphysics of Catharine Cockburn"

22nd Feb Chi Phi Workshop:

Catherine Wilson (York)

Paul Giladi (Sheffield)

Matt Smith (Leeds)

 "Descartes and Locke: Essential Religiosty vs Theology"

"Kant and Re-Enchantment Mechanistic Nature"

"The Leviathan's Theory of Political  Representation and Why It's Correct"

1st March Katherine Hawley (St Andrews) "Metaphysics and Death" AT LT7
8th March Stephen Mumford (Nottingham) "The Power to Will" AT LT7
15th March Fiona Leigh (UCL) "Does the Sophist rehabilitate mimetic artists?" AT LT7
12th April Tom Cochrane (Sheffield) "The aesthetic value of ugliness" AT LT7
19th April Tillmann Vierkant (Edinburgh) "Why the case for the extended will is stronger than
the case for extended cognition"
26th April Neil Sinhababu (National
University, Singapore)
"Desire's Explanations" AT LT7
3rd May Dorothea Debus (York) "Losing Oneself (In a Good Way): On the value of 
Full Attention"


10th May Jon Webber (Cardiff) "Dispositions in Attitude Psychology" AT LT7
13th June
Mitchell S. Green (Virginia) "Organic Meaning" AT LT7