Past Departmental Seminars 2013-14

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Autumn 2013

11 October Shannon Dea  [Waterloo] Peirce and Spinoza's pragmatic metaphysics
18 October Linda Barclay [Monash] Why discrimination is a human rights violation: a membership account
25 October Idealism/Pragmatism Workshop
1 November Ben Sachs [St Andrews] Do moral reasons explain anything?
8 November Igal Kvart, [Hebrew University] The Semantic Autonomy of Knowledge
15th November Writing/Reading Week
22 November Holly Lawford-Smith [Sheffield] Against Aggregates' Obligations
29 November Catherine Abell [Manchester]  The Act of Fiction Making
6 December Jonathan Floyd [Oxford] Thoughts and Principles: On the Standard Model of Political Philosophy
13 December Joe Morrison [Queen's Belfast] Obvious Truths

Spring 2014

14th February Jeff McMahan, [Rutgers] Aggregation of Small Harms and Propotionality in Defense
21 February Louise Richardson [York] Smelling Sweet Things
28 February
3pm - 5pm
Siobham Chapman [Liverpool] Susan Stebbing 'Logic, Language and Ideology'
Annual Women in the History of Philosophy Lecture
7th March Andrea Sangiovanni [Kings College] Moral Equality, Respect & Cruelty
14th March Troy Jollimore, [California State University] The Importance of Whom We Care About
28th March Matthew Kramer,[Cambridge] Torture and Moral Integrity
4th April
9.30 - 5.30pm
One Day Workshop by CHiPhi and Centre for Nordic Studies Jessop Exhibition Space
'Kierkegaard to Logstrup: the Danish interest in personal responsibility'      
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2nd May                      

Richard Holton [Cambridge]

Moral Resolution
9th May C J Hookway [Sheffield] Pragmatism, Community and the Method of Science
16th May

Jessica Leech [Sheffield]

Something or Other on Kant and Modality