Postgraduate Seminar 2012-13

This seminar is open to ALL Graduate students in the Department of Philosophy.  It runs throughout both semesters, and the students run their own series over the summer.  Each week a student presents a paper, followed by discussion.  (This year traditionally starts with a member of staff).  A hand-out, abstract or draft of the paper is usually circulated in advance.  Anyone from outside the department wishing to attend should email Bob Stern ( (Autumn) or Rosanna Keefe ( (Spring).

Students at a PG Seminar

Time:  Wednesdays 3-5pm

Venue: BA-SR DB13 [Autumn Semester] [Please note: from 16th January 2013 - 30th January 2013 the Seminar will take place in JW-G03 [Jessops West Building]

 Hatfield Building-LT21 [Spring Semester]

Autumn 2012

26th September:  Yonatan Shemmer, 'Transferring Reasons from the Future'

3rd October: Paul Giladi, 'Philosophical Quietism in Wittgenstein, Kant, and Hegel'

10th October: Angie Pepper, 'A Feminist Cosmopolitanism: Relational or Non-Relational?'

17th October: Jan Kandiyali, 'Marx's Communisms:  Two Visions of the Good Life in Marx'

24th October: Stephen Ingram, 'Normative Unity and Normative Systems'

31st October: Joshua Forstenzer, 'Dewyean Democracy and the Fact of Reasonable Pluralism'

7th November: reading week

14th November: Phillip Rau, '"Every Drowsy Nod..." Who am I when I am Asleep?'

21st November: Paniel Reyes-Cardenas, 'Logic, Rationality and Paraconsistency'

28th November: Steve Wright, 'The Epistemology of Testimony: A Dilemma for the Trust View'

5th December: Jack Wadham, 'Extended Mind: A Pointless Debate?'

12th December: Natasha McKeever, 'Love: What's Sex Got to Do With It?'

Spring 2013

16th January: Bernado Pino, 'The Format Concepts Don't Need to Have'

23rd January: Joe Saunders, 'From Reason to Freedom, and from Freedom to the Moral Law: A Gap'

30th January: Charlotte Alderwick, 'Schelling, Freedom, and Powers Ontology'

6th February: Sam Waters, '"Ought Implies Can," Blameworthiness and the Principle of Alternate Possibilities'

13th February: Adriana Clavel, 'Are My Fictional Emotions Fake?'

20th February: Ryan Doran, 'Art, Anthropology and Evolution'

27th February: Jonathan Parry, 'Justifying "Disproportionate" Defensive Harm'

6th March: Katharine Jenkins, 'Justice and Social Identity Categories'

13th March: Armin Khameh, 'The Scope of Toleration'

10th April: Simon Kittle, 'The Metaphysics of Extrinsic Dispositions'

17th April: Jessica Begon, 'Which Preferences Count? Adaptation, Capabilities and Disability'

24th April: Peter Caven, 'Emotion, Culture and Moral Diversity'

1st May: Cristina Roadevin, '"Having Your Say": Blame as Expression of Self-Respect'

8th May: Damiano La Manna, 'Presentational Intensity, Attention and the Present'

15th May: Carl Fox, 'What's Special About the Insult of Paternalism?'

22nd May: Simon Stubbs, 'Norms, Normativity, Dispositions, and Knowing What You Mean'

29th May: Al Baker, 'The Nature of Empathy'

5th June: Richard Healey