Postgraduate Seminar 2013-14

photo of pg seminar

This seminar is open to ALL graduate students in the Department of Philosophy.  It runs throughout both semesters, and the students run their own series over the summer.   Each week a student presents a paper, followed by discussion.  A handout, abstract, or draft of the paper is usually circulated in advance.  Anyone from outside the department wishing to attend should email the Director of Graduate Studies, Rosanna Keefe (

Wednesday 3-5 in BA SR DB07

Autumn 2013-14

2nd October: Richard Healey, Explaining the Normative Force of Consent

9th October: Ryan Doran, Affective Alchemy: an Arousal-Based Solution to the Paradoxes of Negative Affect

16th October: Stephen Wright, Infallibilism

23rd October: Charlotte Alderwick, Eternal Essence and Temporal Acts in Schelling's Freedom Essay

30th October: Simon Kittle, Vihvelin on 'could have done otherwise'

6th November: Stephen Ingram, On Behalf of the ‘Moron’: The Metaphysics of Robust Realism about Morality

13th November: Reading Week

20th November: Joe Saunders, The Value of Practical Knowledge

27th November: Adriana Clavel, Imaginative Resistance and Fictional Morality

4th December: Katharine Jenkins, Two Senses of Gender

11th December: Cristina Roadevin, What is Forgiveness?

18th December: Carl Fox, The Binding Force of Obligation

Christmas Vacation

22nd January: Bernardo Pino, Resisting Concept Eliminitivism

29th January: Peter Caven, Keeping Pluralism Reasonable: Political Liberalism Meets Moral Psychology

5th February: Jack Wadham, Extended Mind, Commonsense Functionalism and Splitting the Difference

Spring 2014

12th February: Josh Black, Peirce on Habit and the Theory/Practice Distinction

19th February: Damiano La Manna, Tracking Intentionalism and Experiential Awareness

26th Feburary: Francesco Antilici, False-Belief Reasoning in Infants: Problems for an Alternative Explanation

5th March: Gonzalo Nunez, The Meanings of Limit in Wittgenstein's Philosophy: Silence and Language in the Tractatus

12th March: Andrew Moore, Infants' Mental Understanding: Rich or Lean?

19th March: Marianna Ginocchietti, Against a Reductive Notion of Action: Action, Effects and Responsibility 

26th March: Neil Williams, Problems in Pragmatist Ethics

2nd April: Neri Marsili, The Definition of Lying: A Speech-Act Theoretic Account

Easter Vacation

30th April: Henry Cusworth, The Cognitive Conception of Language

7th May: Ashley Pennington, Speech and Silence: Considerations on the Role of Uptake in Successful Illocution

14th May: Philipp Rau, Autobiographical Memory: What is it, What is it Good for, and Why Does it Matter?

21st May: Reading week: no seminar

28th May: Siobhan Moriarty, Against Understanding Ontological Categories as Essentially Dependent on the Entities which Belong to Them

4th June: Carlos Felippe, Should a Man Love Himself the Most?

11th June: Sam Waters, Understanding Moral Obligations: Ability and "Ought  Implies Can"