Postgraduate Seminar 2014-15

photo of pg seminar

This seminar is open to ALL graduate students in the Department of Philosophy.  It runs throughout both semesters, and the students run their own series over the summer.   Each week a student presents a paper, followed by discussion.  A handout, abstract, or draft of the paper is usually circulated in advance.  Anyone from outside the department wishing to attend should email the Director of Graduate Studies, Paul Faulkner.

Wednesday 2-4 in Mappin LT11

Spring 2014-15

11 Feb., Francesco Anticili: "Reasoning about beliefs. Peter Carruthers' Solution to the Developmental Puzzle"

18 Feb., Graham Bex-Priestley: "Does Ecumenical Expressivism Solve the Frege-Geach Problem?"

25 Feb., Joshua Thomas: “The Circumstances of Value: Resisting Samuel Scheffler's claims about death and immortality”

4 Mar., Miklos Kurthy: “Can we out-psychologize Greene's anti-intuitionism?”

11 Mar., Simon Barker: “Talk about a disagreement! (Disagreement and epistemic norms)”

18 Mar., Simon Stubbs: “Cogito Beliefs and the Consequence Problem”

15 Apr., Robbie Morgan: “Theories of Sexual Ethics and Benatar's Dilemma”

22 Apr., Alexandre Duval: “In Defense of the Geometric-Module Theory of Reorientation: What Does Cue Competition Reveal about the Use of Geometry in Spatial Reorientation?”

29 Apr., Trystan Goetze: “Inquiry and Hermeneutical Justice”

6 May., Ahmad Fattah: “MacIntyrean Genealogy: An Immanent Critique”

13 May., Joshua Matthews: “Vagueness and Experimental Philosophy”

27 May., Stephen Bolton: “Vagueness and the Transition Problem”

3 May., Charlie Crerar: “How should we model collective epistemic vice?”

10 Jun., Graham Bex-Priestly: “Hybrid Expressivism: Handling Agreement and Disagreement”

Autumn 2014-15

1 Oct., Luca Barlassina, “The puzzle of the changing past”

8 Oct., Katherine Jenkins, “Unjust Myths: Rape myths and domestic abuse myths as hermeneutical injustices”

15 Oct., Joshua Black, “Hunting for Metaphysics in Price's Pragmatism”

22 Oct., Stephen Ingram, “Arguing about Moral Reality”

29 Oct., Neri Marsili, "The Knowledge Norm of Assertion: A Twofold Critique”

5 Nov., Siobhan Moriarty, "A Linguistic Approach to Categories; Bob Hale’s Neo-Fregean Approach to Ontology”

19 Nov., Adriana Clavel, "The diversity of counter-moral fictions and the ethical criticism of art”

26 Nov., Al Baker, "Perspectives and the Philosophy of Stories”

3 Dec., Ashley Pennington, "Against Jacobson and Civil Libertarianism: A free speech defense of media regulation in a liberal community”

10 Dec., Armin Khameh, "Toleration and Liberal Democracy: Friends or Foes?”

17 Dec., Neil Williams, "Problems in Peircean Ethics"

21 Jan., Bernardo Pino, "Machery and the role of concepts in psychological explanation

28 Jan., Damiano La Manna, "Blindsight and the Function of Phenomenal Consciousness

4 Feb., Simon Kittle, "Abilities, circumstances and free will"