Postgraduate Seminar 2015-16

Students at a PG Seminar

This seminar is open to all graduate students in the Department of Philosophy. It runs throughout both semesters, and the students run their own series over the summer. Each week a student presents a paper, followed by discussion. A handout, abstract, or draft of the paper is usually circulated in advance. Anyone from outside the department wishing to attend should email the Director of Graduate Studies, Komarine Romdenh-Romluc.

Wednesdays 3-5pm, Portobello Centre 57C

Autumn 2015-16

30th September - Stephen Ingram "Epistemology Shmepistemology: Moral Error Theory and the Problem of Epistemic Normativity"

7th October - Jenny Saul ‘A puzzle about academic freedom’

14th October - Komarine Romdenh-Romluc ‘Hermeneutical Injustice: blood sports, the English Defence League, and the naked rambler’

21st October - Ashley Pennington 'Beating a Dead Horse: Analyzing Uptake and Sincerity in Performative Utterances'

28th October - Stephen Bolton 'Columnar Higher-order Vagueness and the ‘Incoherence’ Objection'

4th November - Trystan Goetze 'Hermeneutical Realism, Hermeneutical Responsibility’

11th November - Charlie Crerar 'Vice responsibilism: Motivations, orientations, and the assymmetry with virtue'

18th November - Siobhan Moriarty ‘Understanding existence statements’

25th November - Adriana Clavel Vazquez ‘Emotional realism and the affective practical ethical assessment of fictional narratives’

2nd December - Simon Barker 'Epistemic Legitimacy, Epistemic Injustice – A modest proposal’

9th December - Neil Williams 'In Defense of Pluralism in Pragmatism'

16th December - Graham Bex-Priestley ‘Putting Free Will Into Context’

20th January - Joshua Thomas 'Immortality and Meaning in Life'

27th January - Simon Stubbs 'What’s So Bad About Semantic Instrumentalism?' This seminar will be held in Arts Tower LT8.

3rd February - Ahmad Fattah 'Liberal politics and moral disagreements' This seminar will be held in Hicks LT4.

10th February - James Lewis ‘Broadening the idea of a second-personal reason’.

17th February -  Carlos Felippe ‘Virtue Ethics and Self-Effacement’

24th February - Josh Matthews 'Indeterminacy and Non-Classical Theories of Mind'

2nd March - Giulia Casini 'Counterfactuals Without Possible Worlds'

16th March - Isela Gonzalez Vazquez - 'Overview of a Case for a Socially Responsible Philosophy of Science'

13th April - David Strohmaier 'Group Agency'

20th April - Lewis Brooks - 'Moral Expressivism and Creeping Minimalism'

27th April - Diego Feinmann 'Relevance Theory and Fodor’s Atomism: Re-Thinking a Difficult Marriage'

4th May - Harry Cusworth ''Don’t do that! That’s F*****g gross': An investigation into the relationship between disgust, morality and swearing'

11th May - Richard Hassall 'Projectibility of Natural Kinds in the Special Sciences: The Role of Causal Relations'

18th May - Graham Bex-Priestley ‘Error and the Limits of Quasi-Realism'

25th May - CANCELLED

Friday 27th May - Gonzalo Nunez Erices 'The Boundaries Around us: Surfaces as Ontological Parasites'

1st June - Josh Black - 'Peirce on Exact Truth and Force Equivalence'

8th June - Robbie Morgan - Title TBA